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Welcome to your possible solution!

With offices in Perth and Australasia and 20 years of experience Dynamic Creation™ Australia provides a Post Grad Certificate, a Post Gad Diploma and a Master Degree in Applied Coaching, Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Coach Certification (ICF)Trainings that incorporates sustainable changes in the life of the participant and the systems they belong to.

We offer Executive, Leadership, Performance, Life & Group Coaching as well as several profiling instruments.

For the for profit and not for profit corporate world we specialise in creating models of excellence, creative thinking, project management, emotional intelligence, coaching for managers, authentic leadership and profiling.

Give us a call on +61 8 9467 4190 how we can accelerate your company!

Have you ever..

  • wondered what would be possible for you in your life or business if you only knew how?
  • felt disconnected from your purpose & vision?
  • experienced your full potential?
  • felt limited by your beliefs or/and habits?

So did we! When we aligned our clearest intention that was stored in our being, our imagination was sparked and our spirit fuelled and now WE ARE LIVING OUR DREAM!!

Do you want...

  • to lead by example and make a real difference?
  • effective & sustainable change for yourself and/or others?
  • to experience your full potential?
  • to improve your relationships?
  • a competitive edge?
  • balance, contentment and containment in your life?

Then we have a trusted solution for you.

Our training & coaching aspires to develop and sustain an organic relationship of balance and alignment between your mind, your body and the people you connect with in order to create a deeper and more fulfilling life.

All our training and coaching programs are organised around 3 principles;

  1. centering in your core,
  2. sponsoring the development of greater wholeness within people,
  3. and connecting through relationships to the wisdom and guidance within the larger systems (families, organisations, communities) around us.

Dynamic Creation’s programs incorporate principles of self-organization, archetypes and what is known as "fourth position"-the felt sense of being a part of a larger system. Through these tools, techniques and learnings, as we are interconnected always with other people and make things happen in connection with them, we not only self-actualise ourself but also the greater system we belong to.

Feel free to browse our programs and make up your own mind.

Warm regards and until we meet enjoy what's out there!

The Dynamic Creation™ team.

Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia) Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia) Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia) Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia) Bring a friend or the whole team and save!

Bring a friend or the whole team and save!

Whether you would like to do the course with a friend or bring the whole team to enhance your entire business, we will make the effort to give you a great deal!

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Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia)

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Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia) Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia)
The Structure: How to Create the Life of your Dreams

The Structure: How to Create the Life of your Dreams

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Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia) Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia)

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  • "

    Learning the signature system and discovering the steps I needed to take to create a business with my own personnal niche, was my favourite part of this course.

    "TCP 2011, Perth
  • "

    Thanks Wilbert for filling my toolbox with more new tools. Awesome!

    "Dale Smith, mBIT
  • "

    Wilbert, thank you for your generosity.

    "Karen Shaw, NLP Prac
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