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About Dynamic Creation™: Creating Sustainable Change

Dynamic Creation™ is a training provider that offers individuals and organisations services to create sustainable change.

Launched in 1996, Dynamic Creation™ has given individuals, organisations and businesses around the world the ability to create sustainable change and transformation through training & coaching.

Our Mission

"To have a profound, sustainable and positive impact on the lives of people and organisations!"

Our Commitment

"Our commitment is to deliver high quality, powerful and engaging
training and coaching experiences.
We do this in a way that is professional, self-sustaining,
energised and customer-driven."

Our Team

Wilbert Molenaar

Wilbert Molenaar Wilbert Molenaar is the entrepeneurial inspiration behind Dynamic Creation™ and a Trainer & Coach with nearly 20 years of experience in Personal Development, Sales, Leadership, Communication, NLP, Family Constellation, Body & Energy Work, Time and Stress Management and Work-Life balance issues.

He is very passionate about human potential and possibilities and is fuelled by the conviction that every person has a right and an obligation to use their full potential.

Wilbert has trained with the best; Anthony Robbins, Robert Dilts, Judie Delozier, Wibe Veenbaas and Chris Howard. He has trained over 5000 people in 3 different countries. He has had over 270 formal training days in training to become the best he can be. He also spends 2 - 3 weeks a year upgrading his strategies and tools so that you can benefit from his growth and training.

He is an accredited international Trainer in NLP, Master Facilitator in Family Constellation, Body & Energy Work, Accredited Life, Business & Executive Coach.

Deb Saville

Deb Saville Deb Saville is a skilled Coach and an Enter-Trainer! She has led, cajoled, shown tough love, challenged, empowered, and inspired 1000's of people in enriching their lives, taking the plunge, making the change, calculating risks and has supported them in the pursuit of their growth and dreams with unswerving passion, commitment and integrity.

She has over 1,400 coaching hours and is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Deb has 10 years experience assisting people in starting up their own small business. One of her roles includes delivering training programs in the areas of Time Management, Change Management, Stress Management, Business Results and Customer Service. Deb is a RESULTS trained coach with experience in NLP and ontological methods. Her experience in training over a 25-year period allows her to draw upon an extensive toolkit to use a flexible and eclectic approach to meet individual needs.

Susan Kroening - Facilitator

Susan Kroening Susan Kroening recently joined Dynamic Creation™ as a workshop facilitator and is Director of her own coaching and consulting business, Susan Kroening & Associates, working in strategic alliance with national and international associates, such as McKinsey & Company.

She has an extensive consulting background in organisational development for over 13 years and is passionate about creating and nurturing innovative leadership, high performing work cultures and leading edge people management practices which highlight the value of "intangible assets" - mindsets and behaviours, emotional literacy, values, spirit, cultural capital and personal meaning.

Originally from the field of education, Susan was intrigued by the human potential movement and the business world and initially promoted international speakers seminars for the likes of Zig Ziglar, James Rohn, Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra. She has gone on to hands-on delivery of corporate and personal training workshops and uses the neuro-cognitive tools of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Accelerated Learning and Behavioural Science in all her consulting, training and coaching work.

Susan says 'These tools are valuable in helping me to support people to better understand the mindsets and behaviours involved in personal growth and results achievement.' 'I'm not an "ivory tower educator"; I'm fascinated with the learning process and love creating dynamic and highly interactive learning environments with enthusiasm, diversity, impact, fun and lasting value!'

Martin Meader

Martin Meader In 1997 Martin Meader co-wrote and co produced Paradise Road, a $25.6 million Fox Searchlight feature, which starred Glenn Close, Cate Blanchett, Pauline Collins, Jennifer Ehle, and Francis McDormand. Martin has also worked with high-profile individuals such as Dean Semler (Dances With Wolves), Andrew Lesnie (Lord Of The Rings) and John Cox (Babe).

Another of Martin's children's stories, The Adventures of Charlie & Moon is in the process of being published and turned into a major motion picture. Martin is also a musician, composer and choral director.

He has conducted choirs of varying sizes (including 1,000 voice choirs) in Australia, Indonesia, Canada and most recently the Hurricane Choir in Louisiana, which was formed to lift the spirits of survivors of the 2005 Katrina and Rita hurricanes.

Over the last ten years, he has conducted teambuilding singing workshops for community and corporate organisations in Australia, UK, Canada and USA. He has just released his first album - Inside The Heart.

Lindsay Breach

Lindsay Breach Lindsay Breach is a Financial Planner with over 35 years in the Financial Services industry. He has held positions with large corporations in sales and executive management. He has developed his own consulting business and is an effective Change Agent, Strategist and Action Planner.

Lindsay has personally achieved Financial Freedom. He now employs Values Based Wealth Creation and Protection Planning and encourages his clients to implement the 6 Steps to Financial Freedom.

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