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Business Success Stream™ is a dynamic & evolutionary process where you are in the driving seat.

Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia)Research by prominent psychologist D. L. Georgensen indicates that only 10% of people actually use what they learn in a traditional training course. Worse still, further research shows that people retain on average only 10% of what they are told in a training session; and put less than half of that into practice.

This means only 0.5% of what they have been told is used, at best! Would that be considered a good return for any of your other business investments?

If you want your workforce to be committed to being the best that they can possibly be, to achieving all the milestones they need to achieve in their work, and creating the extraordinary results you need to excel, then you have come to the right place as we are committed to supporting you with all the tools you need to get you there faster AND with lasting results.

Introducing………….. Business Success Stream™ (BSS™)

Business Success Stream™ is a dynamic & evolutionary process where you are in the driving seat. Structured to give a 100% retention & application of learning, BSS™ delivers focused performance improvements.

BSS™ applies to your business when...

  • you are at a crossroads or time of transition within your business
  • you are growing your team
  • you want to fast track - Succession Planning - New partners - New staff members - Team Alignment
  • your team wants more work-life balance
  • you want to develop your business and team in Sales skills - People skills - Leadership skills

What our Clients have to say..

As a result of your solutions within our organisation, our revenues and profit has gone up consistently over a 3 year period, our colleagues are more effectively handling their tasks and the mental attitude has changed. And last but not least people are enjoying there work environment once again.
C.E., Manager Sales

Some outcomes from a CEO perspective

  • Does it better than me
  • Increased confidence and consistency Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia)
  • Consistent Business flows
  • Absolute trust to run the business
  • A better father
  • Future Industry leader

Some outcomes from team member perspective

  • Working on a 1.3 million case, catching the big fish
  • Got my goals
  • More professional and confidence up to 8
  • It's not just training, it's an experience 
  • Deb is a excellent trainer who's positive energy flows freely.. I am grateful for the opportunity to work on my own awareness and attitudes in such an inspiring way
  • I am just speechless..useful, practical, motivating, enjoyable, uplifting and life changing. You give and get 100%

  • it's thought provoking, challenging and inspiring. With the plan in place I am going to make it happen!

Some more testimonials..

We have experienced that your organisation walks the talk, are very much involved through a precise investigation. They know our strengths and opportunities.

Through your Business Success Stream approach you have a great understanding of organisational and individual needs. As well as the individual coaching makes a big difference. Whenever there are issues they are solved immediately without hurting the training program. You are consequent and clear in your communication.

Looking back on our first training program we have to conclude that you did an excellent job. The participants without an exemption were very enthusiastic. Because of the strategies and techniques facilitated the participants are able to deal with the clients need in a more personal and effective matter. The impact on our overall performance was huge. And that what it is all about.  R. A., Director Private Banking

Most important of all is that we are very satisfied with the final achievements. Staff is working more closely and efficient together and clients are treated more friendly and professional.
D. H., General Manager, Kales Airline Services

This is how Business Success Stream™ works

BSS™ is a powerful "marriage" between needs analysis, scope workshop(s), a tailored powerful coaching program working on a Biz and a Personal Goal with each team member and integrated Strategic Planning days as well. It is the COMBINATION and tailor-made approach that makes it work.

The results with BSS™ are amazing. Give us a call to discuss how BSS™ will impact your business.

Possible interventions

Needs Analysis & Profiling

  • DiSC Personal Profiling System
  • Harrison Assessment Profile
  • Myers-Briggs
  • Scope Workshop

    Training & Workshops

    • Customer Service 
    • Personal Development & Self Awareness
    • Neuro Linguistic Programming
    • Systemic Work
    • Self Management; Time, Stress, Change
    • Strategic Planning & Forward Movement
    • Presenting & Persuading with Impact
    • Coaching & Leadership
    • Sales Mastery & Assessment
    • Communication Mastery & Assessment
    • Developing a Coaching Culture
    • Developing a Team
    • Team Building Singing Workshops

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Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia) Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia) Bring a friend or the whole team and save!

Bring a friend or the whole team and save!

Whether you would like to do the course with a friend or bring the whole team to enhance your entire business, we will make the effort to give you a great deal!

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