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Manage time, beat work overload, reduce stress... and get results!

Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia)Find out how time CAN be on your side with It's Time For Results!- the way to manage your time better as well as yourself and achieve your goals.

Do you want more focus, effectiveness and drive? Be organised and in control, and do the right thing at the right time in the right way?

And do you feel that you work too hard, but even then still struggle to complete your work? Are the things that are important to you drowned in drudgery? Is work eating into the time you want to spend with your family and friends?

Unfortunately, this is very normal. Many people experience these same problems. They feel over-busy, disorganised, stressed and out of control of their lives. Yet they know there's a better way - if only they could find it. If you can identify with this, It's Time for Results! is for you.

How does it work?

It's Time for Results!, our 121 page downloadable e-book, shows you how to regain control of your time by teaching the 40 essential skills needed to beat work overload and improve your results. This gives you back the time you need to live the life you want.

It's Time for Results! takes you step by step through easy-to-follow exercises that help you take control of your working hours and maximize your potential for results; all while freeing up your time for more important things than work.

Every week over a period of 7 weeks you will receive an E-lesson with things to read and exercises. In between you have the opportunity to e-mail me with questions. AND there's a bonus included. Just read on.

What does "It's Time For Results!" contain?

Once you buy It's Time For Results! and put its techniques to work for you, you are choosing to develop a long term strategy to get your life back on track. Be more effective and efficient and create results you want.

This is not a 'quick fix' or one day solution. This is a step-by-step, powerful process that will change your working life for the better. Here is just a small sample of some of the important targeted lessons included in this E-course:

  • Where does the time fly?;
  • The Big Picture: How to know what you really want in life;
  • How to set life goals;
  • How to make time for your real priorities;
  • How to manage your email;
  • The insider secrets of planning and scheduling;
  • Powerful ways to cut the clutter;
  • Ways to beat the blues;
  • Trusted telephone techniques;
  • How to deal with people who interrupt your day;
  • Ways to use the 'No' word to your advantage;
  • The best ways to delegate;
  • How to define tasks in ways that will get things done;
  • Understanding your energy cycles;
  • Effective ways to leverage technology;
  • The power of money to leverage your path to success;
  • How to win with other people's time and energy - to your mutual benefit;
  • How delays can work to your advantage;
  • How to set realistic life goals;
  • and much, much more!;

AND you will receive a telephone coaching session worth $ 150.00, That's our bonus to you.

Author With A Proven Track Record...Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia)

It's Time for Results! is written by Wilbert Molenaar. Wilbert is the founder of In Search for Balance in Life. In his career he has been a Time Management Consultant for the world leader in Time Management Services. He has worked with multinational corporations worldwide. He worked as a Manager Training & Education for the World's No.1 recruitment company. He is an accredited Time Management & Stress Management trainer and coach and has founded In Search for Balance in Life in 2002, after selling another glorious firm in Training & Coaching. Wilbert has been working in this field since 1996. Within In Search for Balance in Life he focuses on supporting people and organisations to attain their goals and dreams. Now, using his experience, you can learn these same skills in a fraction of the time.

Price & Guarantee Information:

It's Time For Results! Can Be Yours Risk Free! So that the greatest possible number of people can take advantage of It's Time For Results!, all we charge to take advantage of it, is $149.

And of course, It's Time for Results! comes with our full guarantee: Order It's Time For Results! today and put these life lessons to work for you. Take your time to use the course and experience its benefits. If you are not completely satisfied with the results, assuming the fact that you have put everyhing into it, then just contact us at the address at the bottom of this page.

As long as you contact us within 6 months of your original purchase, we will work with you untill you have reached your goals. This gives you all the time you need to evaluate the course, try it out, and prove to yourself that the techniques we explain really work.

That's how confident we are that It's Time For Results! will work for you!

And Get This Extra Bonus:

As part of our introductory program for It's Time For Results!, we are including, for a limited time and free of charge, 1 telephone coaching session as our free bonus gift to you. When you order It's Time For Results!, the coaching session is yours. It's all a part of our vision of making this world better for everyone. The offer ends August 27th 2008.

So $275.00 can be yours free just for taking the time to order It's Time For Results! Today. Think how much better your life will be when you are not only managing your time better, but also putting it in action as well!

Now let me be clear on this. You get the "It's Time for Results!"-workbook, 7 E-classes, ongoing E-mail support and the results that you want, all for $149.00. And on top of that you recieve one telephone coaching session valued at $275.00 for FREE

It's Time TO ACT!

Call our office 1300 760 307 or Book Online!

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Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia) Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia) Bring a friend or the whole team and save!

Bring a friend or the whole team and save!

Whether you would like to do the course with a friend or bring the whole team to enhance your entire business, we will make the effort to give you a great deal!

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