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Uncover and clear the deep-seated "ego traps" that have unconsciously sidelined and sabotaged you and your clients.

Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia)Discover how to get the highest and best from yourself and from others and communicate  consciously, clearly and powerfully from a deeper place.

As a coach you'll deepen your learning and move into mastery. Apart from outer work there's a big emphasis on inner work.

Level 2; Diploma of Professional Coach - The Unconscious Coaching Program

Includes 12 days of face to face training, mentor coaching, assignment work, 90 coach hours, group coaching, observed coaching, group work, exam.

The Diploma of Coaching comprises of;

  1. Coach Foundation Skills II; 8 days over 8 weeks
  2. NLP for Coaches; 4 day workshop
  3. Mentor Coaching; 3 Mentor Coaching sessions
  4. Group Coaching; 2 Group Coaching sessions
  5. Observed Coaching; 3 observed coaching sessions
  6. Assignments; a minimum of 2 assignments
  7. Study Groups; a minimum of 3 attending
  8. 90 logged coaching hours.

All real change comes from within, it starts with you! The Diploma of Professional Coach enables you to master the skills, tools, essence of Coaching.

The Diploma has been designed to meet the professional competencies for coaching identified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and offers a minimum of 150 hours coach-specific training, enabling participants to pursue certification as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the ICF.

Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia)


We have experienced along the way that the effectiveness of a coach increases dramatically when the following programs are being followed;

  • NLP Master Practitioners Certification Training; 22 days training over 3 months
  • Family Constellation Practitioner Certification Training; 15 days training over 3 months

And for those coaches who want to be accredited at level 3 both of these trainings are a requirement for attendance.

At level 2 you will further deepen the inner work started in Level 1 and reach the soul. Didn’t all the change start from within?

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Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia) Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia) Bring a friend or the whole team and save!

Bring a friend or the whole team and save!

Whether you would like to do the course with a friend or bring the whole team to enhance your entire business, we will make the effort to give you a great deal!

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Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia)

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Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia)
Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia)

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Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia)
Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia)

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Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia)
Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia) Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia) Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia)