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Inspire others through the power of your presence, energy and vision. Learn tools to uncover your deepest passionate purpose.

Start walking the path of visionary greatness that has always been your potentialDynamic Creation (Perth Australia) and help others do the same. Take your final step towards artistry.

The intense level 3 Diploma allows you to create a space for individuals, groups and organisations to truly shine. You will unleash a vital energy that will guide and empower you for the rest of your journey!

  • Are you willing to face a deeper truth and learn to act consciously, with the deepest integrity, in alignment with your real purpose?
  • Are you ready to succeed by promoting and nurturing success and fulfilment in others?
  • Are you willing to be a living example of true potential, of authentic visionary leadership?
  • Are you willing to fully experience and express vulnerability and creating space for your clients to drop the walls and come together as a solid pillar?

Level 3 Diploma of Visionary Coach - Visionary Coaching Program

Includes 15 days face to face training, mentor coaching, group coaching, observed coaching, assignment work, 50 coaching hours, group work, and exam.

The Diploma of Visionary Coach compromises of:

1. Visionary Coaching Certification Training; 15 days training over 5 months

2. Mentor Coaching; 2 Mentor Coaching sessions

3. Group Coaching; 2 Group Coaching sessions

4. Observed Coaching; 2 observed coaching sessions

5. Assignments; a minimum of 2 assignment

6. Study Groups; a minimum of 4 attending

7. 90 logged coaching hours.

All real change comes from within, it starts with you! The Diploma of Visionary Coach enables you to gain artistry in coaching!

The Diploma has been designed to meet the professional competencies for coaching identified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and offers a minimum of 200 hours coach-specific training, enabling participants to pursue certification as a Master Certified Coach (MCC) with the ICF.

International Coaching Federation

At this level we will merge the inner work started at level 1 and continue in Level 2 with all the outer work that has been done so far into ARTISTRY.

This is a training module where you will learn go from mastery to artistry. Where you blend all the things you have learned so far during the previous trainings to work with your clients one-on-one -- and much more.

Register below for your detailed information pack. If you want to discuss your suitability for the Visionary Coaching Programs please call our office 1300 760 307.

Good luck with your choice and we look forward to offering you any advice we can to assist you in your journey!

Register for your free information pack!Register for your free information pack!
Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia) Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia) Bring a friend or the whole team and save!

Bring a friend or the whole team and save!

Whether you would like to do the course with a friend or bring the whole team to enhance your entire business, we will make the effort to give you a great deal!

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