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Dynamic Creation™ NLP Practitioner Certification Training

Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia)
Dynamic Creation™ teaches you how to connect to your core and be truly in tune with yourself.  From there we incorporate the immense resources, tools and strategies from NLP that will allow you to propel forward towards your dreams and purpose.

Who Must Attend Our NLP Practitioner Training?:

  • If you want to learn the most powerful tools on the planet for personal transformation;
  • If you are committed to constant and never-ending improvement;
  • If you want to learn about your mask and your real journey towards fulfilment;
  • If you are uncertain about the future and want the tools to take charge of your life;
  • If you want to be able to accept of what is and create connectedness to your inner core and others;
  • If you want to lead and coach others to produce exceptional results;

What will you learn?

  • Create instant rapport with others;
  • Utilize language for maximum impact;
  • Become an outstanding performance coach;
  • Gain control of your thinking and emotional state;
  • Empower self and others with powerful tools for behavioral change;
  • Become a persuasive communicator;
  • Align self and others for the accomplishment of goals;
  • Learn cutting-edge tools for creating the future;
  • Harness the power of your unconscious mind for unprecedented success; Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia)
  • Be able to stand in your shadow and therefore truly shine;
  • Be able to connect from within your core;
  • Gain propulsion toward your personal vision;
  • Personal alignment of mind, body, emotions and soul;
  • Choose your emotions instead of being run by them;
  • Increase your self-esteem and self-image, self-motivation and enthusiasm;
  • Learn to transform fear into action;
  • Gain clarity of outcomes;
  • Transform limiting beliefs and learn empowering ones;
  • Release bad habits and replace them with useful habits;
  • Align your conscious and unconscious minds to access all your resources and gain maximum personal power;
  • Stay 'present' without distraction from others or from within;

Your Investment:

This 13 day training will bring you lots of benefits including 4 International Certificates, all the benefits you gain from attending the training and a guaranteed focus on your journey. We work with a maximum of 21 participants and an average of 1 trainer to 7 participants.

Scroll down this page to receive a detailed documentation package to your doorstep.

Event Dates:

The times below for the training are approximate times only. Wilbert is committed to the highest standard of training and insists that all material is covered, therefore the times may vary.

The training consists of 4 blocks of 3 days and a 1 day integration. Each day we work from 10.00 - 18.00. Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia)

  • October 17th - 19th 2008;
  • October 31th - November 2nd 2008;

  • November 14 - 16th 2008;
  • November 28th - 30th 2008;

  • December 9th 2008 - Integration

Your 100% Money Back Guarantee:

Your total satisfaction is our goal. We believe wholeheartedly that our trainings will assist you in achieving the results you want. If you have taken ownership of your journey and are not convinced, just simply return your manual and materials before the end of the third day, and we will happily refund your investment.

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Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia) Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia) Bring a friend or the whole team and save!

Bring a friend or the whole team and save!

Whether you would like to do the course with a friend or bring the whole team to enhance your entire business, we will make the effort to give you a great deal!

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Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia)

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Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia)
Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia)

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Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia)
Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia)

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  • "I am now achieving my maximum potential both personally and professionally."Curtis LeFevre, Bank Manager, Perth
  • "Wilbert Molenaar is an incredible facilitator of the process."Noel Posus, Master Coach , Sydney
  • "In only two sessions I gained around 20% more fulfillment from my life. I can`t wait for our next session."D.B., Perth
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Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia)
Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia) Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia) Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia)