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Information about our Online Payment Processes

The Dynamic Creation™ web site allows you to order books, CDs and DVDs and other products as well as to purchase tickets or positions at our various workshops, seminars and training programs.

This information page is to explain our payment procedures and policies if paying online through our e-commerce facilities. 

If you have any problems with this web site, your order, or the service we provide then please contact us and we will rectify it.  We want you to be a satisfied and happy client. Please read on to understand our customer service policies and initiatives…

  1. How to Order
  2. Payment Methods
  3. Delivery Charges and Time Frames.
  4. Security Measures
  5. Returns Policy
  6. Product and Service Guarantees
  7. Privacy Information
  8. How we can be Contacted

How to Order

To place an order for products or to purchase training on this web site, you will be directed to a specific products page or be able to directly "add to cart" or "add to order"  your chosen products or ticket places.  Due to the nature and the limited allocations for our products / training workshops we often prefer to discuss with you the training programs to assess your suitability for our programs.  You will be able to contact us via our web site contact form or directly by phone during office hours.

Where online purchasing you can proceed to the payment page after adding the products or seminar/workshop tickets by clicking on the "Checkout" links / button to finalise your purchase.

Payment Methods we Accept

You have several options on how you can pay for your purchase.  They include

Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia)Credit Card:
We accept Visa Card and Master Card.  We accept these details via our SECURE order page.  

Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia)Direct Deposit:
Where we offer direct deposit as a payment option we will email you our direct deposit details on confirmation of your purchase.  We will then await confirmation that your payment has been made before shipping your order.

Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia)Cheque:
We also offer the ability to pay by cheque or money order.  Your order will not be shipped until your cheque has cleared.

Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia)Account:
For our regular business clients we offer account as a payment option.  You will be prompted for your account number or enter your businesses name.  If you would like to set up an account please contact us.

Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia)Pay Pal:
You can also pay via PayPal for your purchase.   You will be taken across to the PayPal site to enter your credit card details.

Delivery Charges and Time Frames

Delivery Charges
Where a package is to be posted, there may be delivery charges and these are based on the amount, volume and value of you purchase as well as your delivery destination and preferred delivery method.  Your delivery charges are calculated and shown to you at the checkout stage of your purchase.  There are no delivery charges for seminars/workshop tickets or packs.

Delivery Time Frames
Our delivery turn around time ranges from 1 day to 7 days depending on your location.  We process orders Monday to Friday. 

Security Measures

We employ extensive security measures using secure encrypted links and proven 128bit encryption methods to keep your payment details safe.  Please visit our security page to read more about how to tell when it is safe to enter your payment details.

Returns Policy

If your order is for a product, we only provide returns in limited situations where there was a problem with the product at the time it was delivered to you.  We need to be notified of this within 3 days of your purchase arriving so we can arrange a replacement product.

For our workshops, seminars, coaching programs please read our terms and conditions and guarantees that we provide as part of the information pack / registration form. 

In Australia: For Australia Post posted items, please keep the original packaging until you are satisfied with your purchase.  If there is a problem you can repack the item and write RETURN TO SENDER on the packaging.   This will avoid additional postal charges to you.

Product and Service Guarantees

If you have a problem with your purchase, then we want to know about it so we can rectify the situation.  We are happy to replace your order where the product did not arrive in new and working condition. 

Privacy Information

We have a comprehensive online privacy policy that is explained on another page.  Please view our Privacy Policy Here.

How we can be contacted

We know that it is important to be able to be easily contacted if there are any issues, concerns or questions about your order or you experience any problems.  Our full contact details including postal/physical address phone, fax and email addresses can be found on the contact page.

                           Go to the Contact Page >>

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