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Why we DON'T offer 'Fast Track' Certification

We have been involved in NLP since 1996 when we studied with the inner circle of the founders of NLP - Robert Dilts & Judie Delosier. In those 12 years many developments have taken place in regards to NLP.

The questions on this page will help you make an informed decision on whether the institute you choose has what it takes to give you a high quality education in NLP. You will find our answers to the questions as well, and see why we don't offer 7 days "fast track".

Does your institute and their trainers hold a recognised NLP Trainer Certifcation, and do they belong to a registered association?

All our Master Trainers have had a minimum of 120 days formal training in NLP by an certified institute, as well as at least 10 years experience in training. Membership of the International Board of NLP ensures that all members must adhere to a clear code of conduct, as well as certification standards to ensure high quality training.

What does the institute emphasise within NLP?

NLP can be approached in several ways. Our focus is a balance between spiritual awareness through personal evolution and practical applications. The emphasis is on you as a learner and how to increase the effectiveness of that learning.

Does the training come with any audio or visual aids that will allow you to review your learnings?

Some institutes offer nothing when it comes down to reviewing after the training. We hand out a full DVD set with each Certification Training.

What has the institute put in place to increase my learning?

There are institutes where the only thing put in place is more training. Our Certification Programs integrate one to one coaching (2-4 sessions), group coaching, action learning sets, study groups and assignments in the curriculum. We strive for 100% retention and application of the training.

How long have they been running NLP training?

The longer the institute has been providing NLP training, the deeper the experience and the more value to your learning. We have about 10 years experience of running NLP courses. And we have a master understanding of adult learning.

What kind of experience do their trainers have in real life?

Have your trainers worked with clients and what kind of work experience do they have outside the training room? In what areas do they have an understanding of the application of NLP? Wouldn't you like to have a trainer with experience in Business, when you are looking from a business perspective. Or with clinical experience when you are want a clinical perspective?

What other fields are they qualified in?

NLP trainers who only have NLP can be quite limited in the way they integrate NLP in other modalities. Some trainers only have 20 days of training. Having qualifications in different modalities builds the trainer foundation and a wider context into which NLP can be placed. Look for broadly experienced trainers.

How large are the groups they train?

Due to the fact that our NLP trainings are very experiential and learning occurs beneath your conscious awareness our groups never exceeds 21 participants. We also have a 1:7 trainer/participant ratio. It allows us to identify and improve on an individual level with our participants. This also means that no 2 trainings are exactly alike due to individual needs.

It's impossible to involve all members in a large group in the learning process, and you will find that courses with large audiences are scripted. Are they in it for the money or for you?

What's the contact possibility with your trainer?

What are the possibilities of interacting with the main trainers? Often in large groups you are never able to connect with the trainers. Because we work in small groups and we have a 1:7 ratio there's lots of opportunities to make it even more personal.

How long are the programs and what time is used for up-selling?

How many days does the training compromise of? How much value do you get for your investment? How are the programs structured? And how much time of the program is used for up-selling you to an other program? Some institutes are known for using 35% of the training time to up-sell.

What do you get as a result of the training?

What does the certification stand for?

If there are multiple trainers and assistants, what are their qualifications?

Our experience is that often the only requirements to assist is having gone through the program. This doesn't necessarily support your learning. All our trainers are experienced certified NLP trainers with an extensive body of experience.

What are the opportunities for further learning and ongoing support?

Can you call, email or come over where the trainers take time for you to clarify or challenge? With Dynamic Creation™ there's all that and more.

Good luck with your choice and we look forward to offering you any advice we can to assist you in your journey!

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