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Reconnect on a deeper level with your partner, friends and family. Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia)

Whether you're single or already in a relationship, if you are mother and daughter, siblings, co-workers, you can learn the tools to build better friendships, love relationships and family relationships, and make an immediate positive difference in the way that you relate to people.

Dynamic Creation™ 4 Relationships

This 3 day workshop will allow you to reconnect on a deeper level with your partner (and everybody else you connect too) and implement ways to really work with each others strengths and weaknesses.

Discover how to have a healthy and rewarding relationship by exploring your past relationships, behaviour patterns, family dynamics, present values and beliefs.

You Will Experience:

  • Why you repeat certain relationship patterns;
  • How your family influenced your ideas about intimacy and relating;
  • What you really believe to be true about relationships;
  • What's appropriate to keep, and what you are ready to leave behind;
  • How you want your relationships to look;
  • The reoccurring issues you are working through in your
    relationships today;
  • The role you bring to your relationships;
  • The responsibilities you take on in your relationships;
  • How you've attracted your current relationships based on your experience of your parents and family.
  • Tools and invaluable skills that will help you turn a conflict into a deeper connection. As a result your relationship will become stronger by reconnecting you to your feelings of love for each other!

You Will Learn How To:

Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia)
  • Learn to listen and to really hear what others are saying.
  • Connect (and reconnect) with the people in your life who matter most.
  • Remove blocks to intimacy in order to expand your ability to love.
  • Honour yourself and the choices you make.
  • Become the fully realized and loving being you are meant to be.
  • Youwill gain new perspectives on yourself and others, and gain valuable insights to having healthier relationships.
  • A step-by-step method of handling difficult situations and conversations with less stress and more success;
  • Skills for managing strong emotions and difficult issues, staying on track and breaking the cycle of blame;
  • Insights into each person's unique coping styles of dealing with situations that become difficult;
  • Skills in how to overcome the fears that lead to a culture of avoidance within the relationship;
  • Pull strength from within and learn to completely open up, to yourself and to others;
  • Leave behind unhealthy relationships and patterns by shedding past baggage
  • Express yourself truthfully with empathy and compassion;
  • Build loving and trusting relationships, that will survive life's little hurdles;
  • Achieve intimacy without losing your sense of self;
  • Make deep, lasting connections on an emotional level.
  • In a comfortable, intimate setting, we will begin identifying and releasing the patterns of your relationships at their core, and open up new possibilities for the love you want to show up.

    This workshop is designed for both singles and couples, and
    deals with all forms of relationship....lover, partner, co-worker, friend, family, etc.

    Length of Training:

    3-Day format: 10:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M.

    Dates 2008

    July 25 - 27
    December 5 - 7

    Home Pre-Study Program which includes:

    • Magic of NLP Demystified Book
    • Love's Hidden Symmetry
    • Course Manual

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    Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia) Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia) Bring a friend or the whole team and save!

    Bring a friend or the whole team and save!

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    Dynamic Creation (Perth Australia)
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